• Print should be BOLD
    Can not choose opponent easily for a game based on Ratings
    Not great, not improved so please let me know if you intend to improve or my years of playing and enjoyment are over.
    Soooooo Sadddddd

  • @alicegraciea I agree.. So Sad

  • I have to agree, this new version of Lexulous is far from ideal. BUT please keep in mind: The version which you became used to and enjoyed for years was based on outdated technology. The Lexulous team didn't just decide to trash and make a new version just to make more money or anything. They were forced to redesign and recode the whole thing once the powers-that-be decided the "Flash" system had to go. Flash is no longer included in new computers and browsers, and it is being, or has been, eliminated everywhere. It's probably not as easy as any of us non-experts might wish to simply import the old games and apps into the new environment. I, for one, am sticking with Lexulous (for now at least) as they iron out the bugs. But if you feel you can't, I understand that too. All the best!

  • @marianne I have found if I set a game to my liking.. generally does not take more than 1 minute to get a player

  • @thatguythere202 Nicely said..I do not have the patience anymore to take time to be so clear

  • @alicegraciea on which screen do you wish the print to be bold? Use the new game button and set a table based on rating range. It will get you a player faster than trying to send them challenge requests. Do share any other feedback and concerns.

  • @betterlate1-0 I am having trouble understanding why I am a "new user". This team had many, many months to develop this game. They went into Beta in April (?) and with Covid there should have been thousands of people who tried. Or there should have been enticements to do so.

    Where did the money go I payed to avoid advertisements? do I have to pay again?

  • @maggie2moo I am as confused by this as you. When they took down the adobe they replaced it with this and had us sign what I think was rules to sign..so i signed but then they gave new names..it is all confusing.. sometimes can post sometimes cant, sometimes need to relog then it says wrong credentials. I imagine you are running into the same issues. As far as your membership I would expect would roll over to new name but just to be sure would send an email to find out (admin@lexulous.com) Developing is not generally an overnight event unless working on it full time. I doubt I am much help but can't help when I do not understand myself. I mean I understand how it happened but not how to undo it . Sorry