Controlling who sits at our table

  • Many thanks to the Lexulous team for all the hard work, and the improvements in New Lexulous that have become apparent in the past few weeks. Here is something that I think many players would like to see implemented: The ability to accept or reject players who come to one's table. (This was a feature of the old Lexulous, but these days it seems as if, when you set a table, you are obliged either to play anyone who joins it or else delete the game.) If it ends up not being possible to accept-or-reject, how about bulking up Censor so that people whom one has censored can't join one's game? As far as I can see, at present they are able to do so. Thanks again...

  • @thatguythere202 omg preach on!!🙌🙏🙏🙌 we need this back. This way we don't have to censor people that we actually speak to in the lobby, but don't like playing with. Sometimes there are players I just simply don't want to play, so I don't accept their games and just pretend I was away from computer when they tried to join. I'm like, "omg, I was letting the dog out", or "wow sorry, had to take a quick call when you tried to join" or something. When in reality, I just don't like playing them, but don't want to hurt their feelings. Many people on here are overly sensitive to being rejected. But I digress... yes would love to see the return of this feature. Thanks to the awesome Lexulous admins on all their work and dedication to making Lexulous The PREMIER online word game site!! 🖖🤘🤙👍🤟🎯🚬📜📊🥂🍑🥒

  • @thatguythere202 I had someone who shall remain nameless try to join today, I rejected him .without deleting, I.just had to close his request

  • @betterlate1-0 Are you sure it wasn't someone matching you via player list?

  • @dan-mitchell this particular person..not likely, though not sure of anything here lately, one thing I am sure has come a long way, few suggestions I would like for use of all but not yet

  • Just to say - I'd really like this feature back!