• @thatguythere202, @haftoplay Yes, this is how it worked previously. I remember seeing the occasional drawn game in my previous games list, and there was never a rating change. Looks like the new method could be using the standard tiebreaker rules for non-tournament games. After research, they are as follows:

    Whichever player has the highest score on the board before deducting their unplayed letters, or before adding the sum of the other player's unplayed letters to their score, breaks the tie and wins the game.

    Further, if a game results in a tie after the tiebreaker rule is enacted, the game is considered a draw.

    Tournament games are slightly different:

    According to the official tournament rules, a tournament game that results in a tie is recorded as a tie and each player is awarded half of a win.

    So, looks like the old method of no rating change after every tie was something of an anomaly that we got used to. I'll look into it more when I next tie a game.

    @haftoplay Have a look at the above rules and the game in question in your history to make sure it checks out.

  • @dan-mitchell Thank you for going to all the trouble, I still don't get it, I used my last tiles so at the very least it should have been the case where each player is awarded half of a win. I hope this is the last time this happens. -----On another topic I am noticing more about what is going on here since I've been playing awhile and was not pleased to notice that the majority of games available to join are put up by a Lex Robot, this isn't much fun. Maybe it's what I need to quit the habit. What say the rest of us humans, @betterlate1 0?

  • @haftoplay You know you can unclick that Show Robots box, right? and on the left, you can match anyone who meets your parametres ie range of rating, dictionary.

  • @haftoplay
    @dan-mitchell why would you want to quit? Do you like the game, if you do you put up with the silliness if not, then ..perhaps try a dif site and game for awhile? Not sure who asked me for an opinion? lol

  • @mapmakere can you say no robots?

  • @haftoplay No, that's for official tournaments. This looks like non-tournament rules. You used the last of your tiles to end the game, it then ended up being a points tie, and they ended up with the rating points and win right? First off, it shouldn't be telling both players that they won. Now check the move list. What were the scores before your final move? I'm assuming your opponent had the higher score on the board, and thus won the tiebreaker.

  • @haftoplay No, but robots aren't in the Players List, just humans are there. Good luck!

  • @haftoplay yes it is infuriating but does not change anything here so as i said play up if u want to win points and down if you want to lose them

  • @betterlate1-0 We're specifically discussing what actually happens and should happen in the event of a tie on this new version.

  • @mapmakere since when no bots in player list?

  • @betterlate1-0 I have yet to see one there.

  • @mapmakere o they used to be there did not know they were gone

  • @betterlate1-0 They've never been in the player list on new version, only in list of posted games list if 'show robots' is checked. Only time they were in player list was on old version in robot rooms. Now, they all seem to post 20/0 games and it's impossible to match them directly. Perhaps a bit more flexibility is needed here. I used to occasionally practice my speed scrabble skills against them in short, unrated games. Maybe removing robots from the main room and bringing back the robot room with full player list would be a good idea. Would save confusion and give people proper matching options for their preferred time, rated/unrated etc. Alternatively, we could keep them in the main room, but add them to the player list. Would be best to put them below the regular player list with a generic icon and clearly marked as 'Robot1, Robot2' etc. Sorry for taking things slightly off-topic, this probably deserves a separate thread.

  • @dan-mitchell I have not noticed since became V2 but they were in the list in beta because I could not tell if it was a bot or human. Stopped looking so if removed I was not aware. But, thanks for clearing that up for me

  • @betterlate1-0 Most of what I just said doesn't really apply anymore anyway. I was just exploring the new practice mode properly for the first time. It's actually pretty comprehensive and probably the best place to play robots. You can't play rated games though which I guess makes sense as you could just play level 1 robots. Sidenote: also noticed that the Super Lexulous board isn't available on v2 version (for practice games that is, it's still an option for email games).

  • @mapmakere Unless they changed this too robots do not invite.

  • @betterlate1-0 yes, and?

  • @mapmakere thought i saw u ask if robots invite..nevermind

  • @thatguythere202 I noticed that. As you say, it is rare, so i just passed it by.....

  • Anyone know why my stats for average word score and average game score never change? I've written to the developer at least four times over the years, but they only answered once to tell me they'd get back to me. That was a year or more ago. Everything else updates: highest word score, highest game score, longest bingo, overall score; it's only the word and game averages that never do.