Screen reader support on iOS or in a browser

  • On iOS, the only things the screen reader is able to see are two buttons near the middle of the screen. Nothing on the top half of the screen is visible to VoiceOver.

    On the browser you can hear what letters and their values are by scanning around with the mouse but there is no indication of where the mouse cursor is. It would be more helpful if there was a way to hear what grid square you are on in addition to what letter is sitting there. i.e. g9 M, h9 I, i9 N, j9 E, K9 R

    Even better would be the ability to navigate the board like an html table on the desktop browser.

    If anyone is aware of any existing apps that can scan a screen or screenshot of a board and give the same information above, I'd be interested in hearing about it.

  • @kg6sxy what a great idea. Do you know if other scrabble-type games (e.g. Words with Friends) offer screen reader support?

  • @kg6sxy Do not know if this helps or if I should have kept fingers quiet but...
    You can have ChromeVox read the text under your cursor.
    To open your ChromeVox options, press Search + o + o. Or press Launcher + o + o.
    Turn on Speak text under the mouse.
    Move your cursor around the screen and hear text spoken aloud.

  • @thatguythere202 Nothing exists yet that I can find.

  • @betterlate1-0 Mac VoiceOver can read most things on the chrome browser but the information that is missing is the relative position of all the letters on the board. There is no information about which cell a letter is in and trying to place a letter from the rack onto the board is even harder. On mobile, even less is visible.

  • @kg6sxy oh am not familiar with anything that can do that, but, I will keep looking ..have you tried a tech company asking them if there is such a thing? If they don't have it it could be something for them to consider but if not faced with a need for it not likely they would invent one

  • @betterlate1-0 I've emailed several companies that provide solution finders from a screenshot to see if any of them is interested in producing the output in the middle of the process without providing just the list of possible words. I haven't heard back from them yet. I saw someone saying they were trying to produce a fully accessible version of scrabble on the applevis forums a couple of years ago for a school project but it appears that the project never got completed unfortunately. I'll keep on searching. Eventually there will be a solution somewhere. I really miss playing scrabble so I hope something comes along soon.

  • @kg6sxy keep bothering them eventually they will do something..but I would guess takes a lot of work and creativity so might take a while.. I suggest you do not give up on it

  • @kg6sxy Thank you for writing about this. We will definitely look into this at some point and make the game more accessible.

  • @lexulous I really appreciate that. Thank you!