FB Players at the mercy of lets go to hangouts!

  • I just started back playing - and quickly remembered why my score is still so low after playing off and on for years.
    1 - people start and never finish playing..and the nudge seems to do nothing..
    2 - even if you host and say no chat no comic avatars - you still get players ..that while I will give a chance to play and have a NICE convo ..even then about towards the end of the game ..it's hey why don't you share your email or go to google hangouts so we can get to "know" each other etc etc .. I have just stopped playing and blocked a few and took the loss.
    or act all stupid like I have no clue what they even want - and try to just rush on though the game even if I just do stupid moves to try to get them to just play on though at least and ignore any other chat.

    • We should have a way to at least BLOCK everyone in the game settings from being able to go look at our FB page at least UNLESS they are friends that are playing with us.
      ..I try to keep my page locked down but I still see an influx of scammers later trying to friend me on FB as well not long after I start playing each time.
      To be able to hide our FB profile at least and even HOW about a way to just disable chat??
      While sometimes I do like to say hey I'm heading to bed..or I'm going to be gone x amount of hours and will be back to finish I promise!
      To be able to just turn off and block a chat with the creepy ones that start in on sex talk and such would be great even if they get mad and stop playing at least it might help cut down on this.
      For every 10 good nice people that at least says hello and good luck ..about 3 will wind up as I said ..turning into creepy people. and it just takes the fun out of a GAME.
      If I wanted to "hangout" and give nudes or talk on video I would not be on a game trying to get a "date"
      I at last figured out that a most all comic avatars are playing on a phone which IS OK ..I don't choose to do lex on my phone ..but still it seems all the CREEPS are on the mobil app.
      Please give us a way to weed out the people that take 100% of the fun outta this game.
      Thank you so much!

  • @alligator This sounds like a bad situation, reminiscent of some of the worst aspects of the early game era (in Yahoo games, etc.). To avoid it, maybe play at lexulous.com directly, instead of FB?

  • @thatguythere202 It is same as in this lobby. Perfect example I have someone sitting here just to harass I ignore, i let time run out and here he is again..if I recall,they have told me the option of people just dropping onto table will be fixed this week

  • @betterlate1-0 OK! I hope they fix it soon. But anyway, if you play in lexulous.com instead of FB they won't have access to any identifying information that's in your FB identity.

  • @thatguythere202 thanks I do not play in FB

  • This post sounds like a nightmare. My advice is to cut playing on FB out of the equation and use either the website at https://www.lexulous.com/v2/ or the dedicated smartphone app. You can also try the full website on your smartphone browser now. Should work fine due to no longer using flash. Haven't tested that myself though so can't confirm.

  • @betterlate1-0 Yes, I understand that thanks! 🙂 ... I should have been more neutral in my language, and said that if "one" plays at the Lex site instead of FB "one" will not be bothered by people having access to their FB identity, which seemed to be one of the issues faced by the OP who started this thread.

  • I have looked into playing it in the anonymous aspct of lex . com BUT it seems you can only played timed ..which is defeats the stress buster point of the game for me.
    I saw you can play with time I am guessing though email BUT then I have to deal with emails off and on all day? I had to go back in turn off notices just for the forums as it came in all hours of the day or night.
    I do NOT want to play on phone at all in this game could be so much more fun if the powers that be gave us the option to TURN off the chat on FB! I saw that they had away for people to even send photos back and forth for a time LOL?? someone mentioned that in a thread.. I stopped playing for years just due to the "widow" players ..even now if you say no chat or etc they still come on in and play and then when you don't chat back or tell them that yeah not going to chat they leave you hanging in the game to have to time out and I guess will go to you in the end but it seems to take 14 + days and counting on some games to do that.

    ALL IN ALL MY MAIN POINT IS Game owners GIve us that option to turn off chat ..all together and or to turn off and REPORT the ones that start with the hello FRIEND ..and end up saying I'm a poor widowed soul with a fill in the blank age kid - I work lonely hours out on a rig in fill in the blank ocean ..and or the new sorry twist is wife died of covid has been the new twist this week. Just sorry and sad and you know they are just trying to get you to go off site and
    share info and photos and I know there are women out there that fall for this crap.
    and it is scary! bad enough the phone scammers call all day with the credit card spams and or auto things.
    I feel like it is the same people doing all this stuff. thanks for the replys. hope they come up with a fix at least soon.

  • @alligator turning off chat in the game a any location would be great as long as can turn it back on after game without a 10 min search

  • @thatguythere202 I recall the same guy. maybe our recallers are broken😁

  • @betterlate1-0 @ThatGuyThere202 recallers are broken. He said soon.