Need to know how many tiles left in the bag

  • Figuring out the end game requires knowing how exactly many tiles are left in the bag, which is what the game used to show. The number it shows now it useless, especially for multi-player games.

  • @algor This annoyed me at first, but I've adapted to it. They've changed it to 'unseen tiles' which includes the tiles left in bag and your opponent's rack. The minimum number it can be where you can still do a swap is 16. Used to be 8 under previous system which only referred to tiles in bag. This works for single-player games. I'll have to test multi-player further. I guess it would have to say 32 or more unseen tiles to still allow a swap. They could perhaps add a new tab that uses the previous 'tiles left in bag' method and show tiles remaining. Then people who wish can leave that tab open instead of chat or dictionary. Kinda like how we could keep that popup box onscreen during the game before.

  • @dan-mitchell

    I have tried the subtract 24 method in multi-player games and been surprised by drawing more tiles than I expected. Perhaps, that is due to a bug in the unseen tile count not being updated quickly enough?

  • I totally agree - I too think the "unseen tiles" is useless - and I also think for partner games it makes it more confusing when you are trying to plan out your last few plays.

  • I personally think that the graph under the 'tools' tab is useless. They should definitely put what you guys are talking about there instead, ie the previous implementation. That way they can still leave the new method at the top, and people can leave the tab open. Best of both worlds. @algor I think you're right about some kinda bug there. They need to look into that.

  • @lexulous Quick update to my previous comment. The graph thing is actually ok and I like how you've added the head to head stats there. Only problem is that they're flipped the wrong way round. Please fix!