• Using Firefox, Win 10, Lex v2, Pro, desktop.

    (Yes, I have read the other posts since my December 2020 post about this topic. This suggestion is related to the "forum button" suggestion by @dan-mitchell.)

    I find the list of "Latest Forum Posts" on the board page quite distracting; I prefer a "cleaner" board page. I suggest that the current "Latest Forum Posts" line be retained, but that the + (or another symbol) just expands, i.e., shows the list, when one clicks it. The default view would be with the list "collapsed" and not shown. This could be a settings option--set your default to show the list, or to not show the list. Could be a "pro" feature: I'd be willing to pay $5 a year more to have it!

    And yes, there are workarounds, such as using the browser Zoom in combination with reducing the size of the window, etc. but that seems awkward and need to do it each time you go to the page.

    While it is interesting to see what the forum posts are about, they change relatively slowly, and having the option to see them from time to time would be useful. But not displaying the list all the time--IMHO.

  • @laysan Thank you for your feedback we will try to look into this.

  • @laysan I use a regular laptop so when I play a game I generally only see the board and don't find the other bits obtrusive. Sounds like you're using a larger display so that you see all the other stuff as well? You mentioned the browser zoom which is an option. You could also try Windows scaling settings, although I'm not sure that applies to browser content. I agree that a simple option to minimize and then expand forum posts would be a solution (maybe one for the big lobby chat box as well), and a more clearly labeled button that would take you straight to the forum. A full screen game option would be a good idea as well, I'd love to see that. Would be great for an immersive, focused experience and for those with poor eyesight. Would also help with the issues you mentioned.

  • @sakamvari Thank you for adding the option to display the posts or not. I eventually found the toggle in the user setting/account to control the display. (Initially I was so excited to see the "x" on the game page that I just clicked it, and then didn't know how to turn the display back on! But I found it....
    Again, thank you for making this change.