Suggestion related to swapping/exchanging

  • Hi admins and everybody. I haven't posted for a while because things are running pretty smoothly due to all the improvements. Thanks for everything. There's one small issue that's been bugging me for a while though. There was previously an additional method for swapping letters which I found more efficient. You could place tiles on the board and press the swap button to do an immediate swap instead of bringing up the full swap dialog box. That way I could also pre-set a swap (similar to pre-setting a word) and do it immediately upon my turn. On this new version, only the play, shuffle and recall buttons are visible on your turn when you've laid tiles down. Would love to see the previous option return. Naturally, pressing swap without laying any tiles down on the board would still maintain the current method so we'd have both options. Cheers.

  • @dan-mitchell Thank you for your feedback, we will try to include that in future.