New shuffle bug report and unwelcome return of pass confirmation

  • Shuffle behavior is acting weird for me today. Prior to an hour or so ago, placing a tile or multiple tiles on the board and then pressing shuffle would move the remaining tiles in the rack to the left and do a normal shuffle. Right now it's glitching all over the place, leaving gaps and not shuffling properly (at least for me using Chrome, haven't updated anything since it was working).

    On another note, why has the annoying pass confirmation box suddenly returned today? If it's going to be the default, please allow us to disable it. Thanks.

  • OK, so I get why some people might appreciate the extra pass confirmation due to the silly '2 passes ends the game' thing (which also potentially needs scrapping). Thing is, sometimes you need a super quick pass when you're about to time out and that box gets in the way and wastes valuable time. Already lost due to this.

  • Will be rectified on Monday.

  • @lexulous Both issues appear to have been resolved. Thanks for prompt fixes.