New game changes are horrible.

  • @57chevvie as retired proofreaders, you are retired.

  • @57chevvie
    Oh my word, you're right. I hadn't seen that, probably because I was playing in the old version. A reversion to the previous typeface would take care of this immediately, and I don't suppose that anything other than some typeface change will correct it (unless a customized typeface is used – I used a program called Fontographer to customize the fonts I used on a Mac at work).

    I'm wondering if the old version hasn't been modified recently. When looking at it before in comparison to the new version, I had to admit that the tile letters looked fat. Now, however, they look fine, as if they'd been discreetly thinned down. ???

  • @betterlate1-0 I have retired from paid employment. I have not retired from life.

  • @betterlate1-0 I have retired from paid employment. I have not retired my brain.

  • @roymccoy Why do you want them to please your color choices. I can think of serious issues that need changes to benefit all. Your changes are to benefit you. Guessing you do not pay, I do and I can still think if changes to benefit all that do not seem to get done. color of arrow no big deal. Incidentally pop up ads? pay to play or go on the net to get an adblocker. Just some thoughts

  • @betternever1-0
    You're presumably talking about the green arrow and the red blank letters, neither of which are my color choices. None of my other suggestions are particularly idiosyncratic either, as you imply. I do pay, despite rarely analyzing games, so you don't get to plomp yourself into a higher class of Lexulous observers. Please think a little more before posting your thoughts, thanks.

  • @betterlate1-0 finally able to said you had pop ups if you do you do not pay so i suggested a way around thanks enjoy your popups..

  • @roymccoy I don't recall asking you about any color combos, I do recall telling you to many other things need changing or adding. You might try putting on sunglasses. Might help

  • @roymccoy you might want to think before you post yours. Now I am done, just realize site is not just here for you and everyone has their own taste, so enjoy

  • @judyfurburger I've just recently had that problem with "flying tiles", too. I exit the game, then come back and it's okay.

  • I wrote (July 21 and 23):

    The square numbers are smaller in the new layout. Why? Was anyone complaining about their size in the old one? I wasn't. The new ones look spindly, like the tile letters themselves.

    Why did you change 𝘢𝘯𝘺 of the typography when there wasn't anything wrong with it and people liked it the way it was?

    I withdraw my prior criticism of the tile typography. I've gotten used to the new letter style and now prefer it. I guess I was just used to the way it was before and resistant to what seemed to be unnecessary change.

    I'm still complaining about the dull gray star, however, and the ugly black arrow. The prior star and arrow should be restored. The arrow should also work as before, of course. Also, the Define box should be green rather than the present dull dark gray, and as I've observed before, the return key should trigger Define when the text cursor is in the "Type a word here" field.