• I tried to join the Forum in order to post this, but for some reason my e-mail wasn't verified.
    I've been playing Lex against the robot, skill level 10, for many years, and I usually won half the games. I find the new format very difficult, I now win possibly 1 game in 10. I'd really like to go back to the old format.
    Also, I think it would have been a service to all of us if you'd identified all the changes when they were implemented; e.g., all the new 2-letter words. I'd also like to check a word's validity from anywhere on the board, as it used to be, rather than actually having to connect it to something already in place or in the start position.
    Thank you,
    Faye C.

  • @fayecal1 We'll look into the robot skill levels. New format info is located at: https://forum.lexulous.com/topic/635/2021-new-format/1 - you will find all feature information there including 2 letter word lists.