• I can't start another game with my friends (more than 2 people).
    This new version is just terrible. It's not user friendly. The phone version is terrible. Ads keep popping up over the game and I keep inadvertently pressing ads instead of the function I want. Is there an option to revert back to the old version?
    My friends are also very frustrated with the new version and are saying they've had enough. I've been playing with Lexulous for about 13 years but sadly we'll be switching over to words with friends.

  • @liss64 On the phone, please use the Lexulous app. That will give you the best playing experience and is free for download.

    On the website after the game is over you get a popup that has scoring and a rematch button. Are you not getting that?

    Also please see the following link for all new features https://forum.lexulous.com/topic/635/2021-new-format/1