• Under the 'Tools' window it says "Scribble notes here...". Please could you inform players if said notes will be seen by the other player?

    As in: "Scribble private notes here"

  • @mistertoad I dont see that, I'm using Chrome on a laptop. 8a4f9ab8-64ca-4aff-a2ed-d1d4a78d4798-image.png

  • @mapmakere It appears when viewing the completed game under 'my stats'.

  • @dan-mitchell Oh thanks, I was wondering what the point of notes would be.

  • @mistertoad I think it's safe to assume they're private. Others can see your list of recently completed games, but only you can fully enter into one of them (i.e. where the notes are). I seem to remember the previous version also had a notes thing, but it was tied to usernames. Like, you could click any player in the list and add notes for them. I imagine people who used it were writing things like 'potential cheat', 'rude player' etc, or perhaps keeping head to head records and such.

  • @dan-mitchell
    OK - but it needs to be stated clearly, otherwise many will not feel safe using it.

  • @mistertoad Your opponent will not be able to see whatever you write under the scribble section. It's private.

  • @mistertoad

    You have a point, but on the other hand once one knew the notes were private, or if one correctly assumed they were from the beginning, the constantly seen "private" would be superfluous and annoying.

    Already similarly annoying now is the rather lame yet constantly repeated joke "Scribble", and the lack of consistency over the three panes. If the three-point ellipsis isn't necessary after "Type a word here" in the Dictionary pane, it isn't necessary after "Type notes here" (distinctly preferable to "Scribble notes here") in the Tools pane either. Furthermore, "Type reply here" should be restored to the Chat pane as in the prior version. Thus:

    Chat: Type reply here
    Dictionary: Type a word here
    Tools: Type notes here

    The only reason I can imagine for the deletion of "Type reply here" in the Chat pane of the new version is that some bright person thought, "Aha, but the first chat text isn't a reply!" and so deleted the line entirely. Better – and presumably still doable – would be to program it so that "Enter chat text here" changed to "Enter reply here" following the first entry.

    Not that there's much chance of this simple corrective enhancement being implemented, though I would enjoy being proved wrong.

  • This post is deleted!