• This is rather a minor bug, but I have noticed that sometimes it would appear that the same person is observing my games repeatedly and for many minutes. (And subsequent games too.) I finally realized that it was a bug and not some stalker when an observer either was playing their own game or had logged off but was still listed as observing in my next game(s).

    Anyway, I'm sure this bug feeds some people's paranoia and would be better fixed!



  • @zaph Yeah, if someone is watching your game until the end and you immediately play another one, the icon will stick around even if they don't return. I think it only happens when you play a rematch. I just refresh the page if it happens next game and they're generally gone. If they're still there, well it might be stalker territory lol.

    It's actually a weird bug because if they leave during the game, the icon disappears normally. Well spotted bug report there.

  • @dan-mitchell Idk if it's stalking, but I find it weird that the same 3 watch my games quite often. If they could see the chat I'd be concerned a bit, maybe, but I just find it odd behaviour.

  • @mapmakere Ha, I've noticed some regular watchers too. I'm starting to think they're mods or something. Or maybe 'fans' lol. There's one in particular called 'Sam Williams'. Never seems to play a game, but loves to watch me. I find it throws me off my game a bit if someone is observing.

  • @zaph
    I'm not bothered if it's a bug, a fan or a stalker. I am only concerned if it is a non trivial hacking attempt. As such, I would expect Lexulous to investigate before the site goes down or people begin to get phishing emails and other nonsense.

    Please can someone from Lexulous respond?
    Thank you.

  • @mistertoad Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will check and discuss with our development team on this issue.

  • @dan-mitchell Thanks, Dan. And I agree, I find it a bit disconcerting having frequent observers too. I know over on that "other" scrabble site it's possible to block observers, so people don't help their strategy by using a 2nd account to see what tiles you have.

  • @zaph Good to know though I guess. I'm sure most of them are legit scrabble fans and just like observing the occasional game. Probably best to take it as a compliment unless it gets out of control.

    And wow, that's an interesting feature they have over there.