• Playing on android via email. I get a link in my email. It goes through Chrome.

    WHEN I try to place tiles, they don't stick to where I want to place them. They fly back to where the other tiles are.

    Have tried clearing cache, using the app, not using link and logging in from lexulous.com, and nothing works.

    Have also tried to place tiles by using the arrows, but that doesn't work either.

    Cannot provide a screenshot of what happens bc a screenshot can't show the tiles flying back and not sticking.

    Can someone please help. Have gotten no help from admins

  • Hello,not sure if this is a cure all,but ensure you clear all the pop up ads at the bottom of the board.@lexolouse

  • @mikeveep yes, I have tried that. Doesn't seem to fix the problem. But, thanks for your help.