• Salud is a common greeting in Brittany. We present to you some interesting information about Brittany.

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    Breton is a south-western Brittonic language spoken in Brittany , which is called modern day France. *
    Here are some of the interesting facts about the people of Brittany:*

    1. Did you know that Brittany is known as the cider "country"? with the famous Cornouaille cider, Loic Raison cider, Melenig cider, Kerisac cider or Kinkiz cider. Brittany is the second-largest cider-producing region in France.

    2. Brittany is known for its picturesque coastlines with clear turquoise waters and white sands.


    (Image source: https://www.ricksteves.com/watch-read-listen/read/articles/brittanys-dinan)

    1. Brittany is famous for its Crêpes (sweet) and galettes (savory) which are traditional Breton foods, served in many restaurants and occasionally sold as snacks on the street.

    2. Breton pop music is undoubtedly the most famous name in modern Breton music.

    3. All road signs you could see in Brittany are, sure, in French, but also translated into Breton, their local language. This region is known in France to be really proud of its culture.


    (Image source: https://www.experienceplus.com/blog/recipes/breton-crepes/)

    1. Did you know that Brittany is the French part that produces more pork?

    2. Brittany is the only part of France where roads are all free!

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