• Hallo is a common greeting in the Netherlands. We present to you some interesting information about Netherlands.

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    Dutch is the official language spoken by the native people of the Netherlands. According to studies, people from some parts of Belgium and Suriname also speak this language. Did you know that Dutch is the third sweetest tongue according to the UNESCO survey?

    Here are some of the interesting facts of the people of Netherlands:

    1. Dutch men have come out on top as the tallest people in the world in multiple studies throughout the years, at an average of 1.83 m (6’0”). The women were also found to be tall, with an average height of 1.69 m (5’7”), losing as the tallest only to women in Latvia.

    2. The Wilhelmus is the country’s national anthem. Although it did not become the official anthem until 1932, the music dates back to at least the year 1572, making it the oldest melody used in a country’s anthem. The origin of the lyrics is uncertain, but it is said that the words are at least 400 years old.

    1630310848715-adobestock_24102 (1).png

    (Image source: https://www.internationaltaxreview.com/article/b1fbsml6jxhr87/netherlands-the-advantages-of-a-dutch-holding-company)

    1. Did you know that there are over 1000 windmills in the Netherlands?

    2. The Dutch are known for wooden shoes called clogs. Clogs are traditional footwear dating back to the 13th century, but most Dutch residents don’t wear them today in the cities, and the shoes have instead become a tourist icon. Outside of the big cities, however, travelers may see farmers and other village townspeople still rocking the footwear.


    (Image source: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/only-30-dutch-wooden-shoe-makers-remain-180962804/)

    1. The city of Houten is one of the safest in the country!

    2. The Netherlands’ small size actually makes it the most crowded country in Europe, thanks to the current population being more than 17 million (as of July 2019).


    (Image source: https://www.iamexpat.nl/lifestyle/lifestyle-news/video-houten-drone)

    1. King’s Day on the 27th of April is the largest celebration in the Netherlands.


    (Image source: https://www.expatica.com/nl/lifestyle/holidays/koningsdag-101840/)

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  • @sakamvari
    Nobody wears clogs in Dutch cities. I biked around Holland for decades and saw them only once, outside a farmer's door.
    "After WW2, in particular, wooden shoes disappeared from sight. They were replaced by more fashionable all-leather and synthetic footwear." (Wikipedia)

  • @roymccoy Yes, you are absolutely right. Dutch people don't wear them anymore but are a popular tourist icon now.