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    Romanian is a Balkan Romance language spoken by approximately 24–26 million people as a native language, primarily in Romania and Moldova, and by another 4 million people as a second language.

    Let us share some awesome facts about Romania,

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    Romania is a country where centuries-old traditions and crafts are strongly rooted in the local culture. Some of their traditional festivals are Târgul de Fete de pe Muntele Găina, Sus pe Muntele din Jina, Festivalul Ouălelor Încondeiate, Junii Brasovului Parade, Shepherd’s Festival. But the land also welcomes the modern-day culture with open arms. Some of the contemporary festivals that you as a visitor can take part too are Rockstadt Extreme Fest, Untold Festival, Dakini Festival, After Hills, Sighișoara Medieval Festival, Maiden’s Festival, RO-Wine, George Enescu Festival, Astra Film Fest, ARTmania Festival.

    Romanian wedding customs include stealing the bride at weddings. Romanian traditions dictate that a few of the guests steal the bride for a ransom of candy or booze or in exchange for small gifts. Most guests end up taking the bride to a popular club or pub to dance for a short while.

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    Romania is on the UNESCO List of Immaterial Cultural Heritage with its ritual dance, named Calusul. This dance is extremely old, and it is believed to represent both the galloping of a horse and dances with the fairies. The dancers belong to a secret, men-only society, and they have known for “their ability to create the impression of flying in the air.”

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    Romania is the home of brown bears. Approximately 6,000 brown bears are to be found in the Romanian Carpathians, from a total of 200,000 brown bears worldwide, forming the largest population in Europe outside of Russia. Here you can also find Bison, the largest mammal in Europe.

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    Romania has many tourist spots like The Scărișoara Glacier, a hidden glacier underneath the Bihor Mountains, and is the second-largest underground glacier in Europe; The Merry Cemetery, an unusual cemetery with a colorful twist; Sinaia, a mountain resort famous for hiking and downhill skiing; Mamaia, a seaside resort with water park and wind-surfing academy; Danube Delta to observe nature, God’s bridge, the only natural bridge in the world open to road traffic; and if you are a fan of getting spooked Baciu Forest in Cluj Napoca, the most paranormal area on the planet. Other than those you can also visit Narcissus Valley, Salina Turda, Corvin Castle, Cascada Bigăr, Sighișoara Historic Centre, Peles Castle, Iași Palace of Culture. Also, it has the only museum in Europe dedicated to gold. This museum exhibits over 2,000 pieces from all over the world.

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    One of the Romanian bookstore chains, called Carturesti, has been shortlisted for the Bookstore of the Year Award at the 2018 Excellence Awards of the London Book Fair. It has more than 20 bookstores across the country, and each location has its own unique design concept. It holds over 10,000 books, 5,000 albums and DVDs, and a top-floor bistro.

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    Romanian cuisine is a near-perfect reflection of the country's agrarian roots and history. Dishes borrow heavily from neighboring cultures – Turkish, Hungarian, Germanic, and Slavic. The Romanian food palette includes comforting food such as Ciorbă (soup), sarmale,considered the national dish of Romania, Tochitură, Vegan food such as salată roşii, salată castraveţi, Mămăligă; and delicious desserts like strudels, cakes, clătite, papanaşi. Romanian street foods like Covrigi (similar to pretzel), Gogosi (similar to Doughnut), Mici, Shoarma (a local version of shawarma) are also very tasty.

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    Romanians love drinking Wine or beer, but when it comes to serious drinking, locals will tell you the only true contender is ţuică (plum brandy), and most of the time it's homemade.

    Hope you like it, if you know any other fascinating facts about Romania, let us all know!

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