Question about options for a new player.

  • Hey! I'm new to Lex; my mum has been playing for a few years after she moved from yahoo games. I live with her, so we share IP, but her version looks older? I haven't played a game yet and can't join lobbys, and also when she invites me for a game I see the invite for maybe half a second show up, and then it disappears? and I can't see anything. I've updated my flash and tried both firefox and chrome, but the same thing happens. What's going wrong? Is it flash? FF? Chrome? It makes no sense. She's been playing for like. a million years. Do I need to play a few games before it recognizes me as a person? Or is there some kind of old version \ beta version thing that won't let me play games with her cuz I'm a new user? idk what the issue is. Are there any new players who see this? I can't tell if it's just cuz I'm new.

  • @Nervium Greetings & welcome. I don't think this has anything to do with being new. Can you post a clear screenshot? Even better if we can see the website address.

  • @Nervium New players are automatically placed onto the LIVE GAME - BETA version. Your mom (who has signed up earlier) will need to click on the BETA game room link. Then you can play LIVE games with each other.

    Email games can be played without any "change".

  • I am having a problem finding the multiplayer mode. Can you tell me where can I find this option??

  • @itsazure If you are trying to set up a table for more than two players, there is a setting for "Number of players" in the menu that opens up when you click to create a New Table.