A couple of keyboard related issues

  • I type my words onto the board for efficiency. I also like to keep the dictionary tab/box open. What often happens now is I click board to get direction arrow, start typing the word and halfway through typing, the input/cursor will switch to the dictionary box and carry on typing there before I get a chance to complete and submit my move. I then have to click the board again to get another arrow before typing rest of word on the board. Ideally, once the arrow is on the board, the dictionary box shouldn't be activated. Input to board should take priority until word is submitted unless I manually click the dictionary box. So in summary, the dictionary input keeps overriding the board input mid-move.

    There's also an issue using backspace to remove typed tiles. I remove some using backspace, start typing again, but instead of carrying on from spot where I removed last tile, it starts somewhere silly like the beginning of the word. This completely messes up the natural input of the word when using the keyboard.

    Hope that made sense. These problems didn't exist on previous version and are quite frustrating. I find myself wasting too much time dealing with these input related bugs. Game will be more enjoyable and efficient once fixed. Thank you.

  • @dan-mitchell I don't even use dictionary but when I look for word there it is typed in dictionary..takes forever to clear it out too..that jumped out at me in game so will reread after the game

  • @dan-mitchell what i have noticed, to my chagrin, is that the advance of they word being typed on the board will suddenly end and i have to reinstitute the arrow at that point. Not quite the same as your situation, but also an annoyance.
    If I hit backspace, instead of just removing the tile, the entire tab goes back to the previous occupant of that tab. I am learning not to hit backspace but to use the mouse to remove the offending tile, but of course it would be nicer to have it work like it used to.

  • @jrp32 Yes, I've noticed that behavior as well. There are a whole bunch of annoying bugs happening in that regard compared to previous version. It's not too easy to explain this kinda stuff in a post. All admins have to do is play for a while to get a handle on it. I hope to see these issues eliminated soon.

  • @dan-mitchell maybe most importantly the dictionary input keeps overriding the board input mid-move..thanks for taking the time to type everything out