• Curious to hear from those who reset your stats.

    I have been playing Lex for years and have gotten better and better. Would like my stats to reflect that but they average in the early games and seem to not show my current ratings ability.

    Looking for comments from those who have done it.

  • @aladdin-sane I didn't "reset" per se, but when Lex moved to the new environment I had difficulty logging on so I had to create a whole new identity. My ratings/stats since then seem to be better, though this could be partly because I was a bit of an early adopter and many other players are still getting used to the new play environment ... and partly because I have set my "slider" to accept a more limited group of opponents. I did have to start all over again at the lower rating level, but it has gone fairly well since then. Not sure if this is helpful or not, but that's my experience!

  • @aladdin-sane I agree with Guy, make a new account for the new site. Your rating will fluctuate for a few games, then settle down and average out to reflect your general level. https://www.lexulous.com/v2/ also has some cool new stats and graphs under 'my stats' that allow you to track your progress, monitor your improvement and such, so all that new stuff would be nicely in sync with your new account.

    BTW, not sure if you play on website, app, FB etc. I've never seen a 'reset stats' option on the website (where I play). Perhaps that's an option elsewhere, otherwise you'd need to contact admins and ask them to possibly do that for your account. But like I said, a new account/username would be easier. You can still use a regular email and chosen username to sign up, but there are also options to sign in via FB and even Google now.