Can my computer cause errors on someone else's lexulous interface?

  • Someone recently commented that something I have open on my computer (an app, window, web site, something) was causing their interface to glitch, to jump around wildly. It threw them off of their game, and they asked me to close whatever was causing the problem.

    My understanding of computers and the internet (limited, I admit) indicates that unless I'm hacking or attempting something like that, nothing on my computer can reach back over the internet, into, and cause problems in the interface on someone else's end.

    Is that accurate? Or is there something I can do to make play smoother for this person?

  • @majorwordster It seems unlikely! Now there have been times when I faced opponents who accused me of "cheating" because they thought I had some kind of hack that would cause them to get bad letters or something. (yes, I have faced this accusation before, believe it or not)... But I don't think a program you have running in the background is likely to be reaching out into the clutches of their device. That said, I have sometimes seemed to observe that if my own system was lagging that could slow their own game's response time, which I assumed was because every move had to be confirmed on my own computer, and on the server, and on the opponent's end, before play could proceed (but I really have no idea of whether this was what was going on). No clue what happened in your opponent's case!

  • Highly unlikely tbh. I've read some nonsense on here, that's up there (I'm ready to be proven wrong of course). I know some people on here aren't the most tech-minded, they can be bloody-minded though lol. That's why I like the little text shortcuts now. Quick click at the start (and end) to be polite, then switch to dictionary/tools for rest of game. I'll throw in the occasional 'n1', but if they start chatting too much I get suspicious it's some potential bs. BTW, you probably know this, but chat from your games is also saved in game history. Would be funny to read that.

  • omg, was it betty? betty used to accuse me of somehow causing her computer to do weird things during games, which is obviously a ridiculous accusation. And somehow, it was only in games that I won against her 🙄.

  • @dan-mitchell Probably not as entertaining as you'd imagine. They didn't say a word until near the end, when they told me I had too many things open on my computer because their screen was jumping again. Sort of "I've asked you before not to have things open I don't know why you won't listen to me."

    Again, if it is causing the issues I'll apologize, but why for just this person and not all my opponents, and why sometimes and not others. Last evening I barely had anything open, I think I'd even closed the Facebook window. I may have been running my mail app in the background, but not in the browser, it's a separate app, completely sandboxed from all other apps.

    I see what you're saying about word validation, but I suspect that the interface loads on each machine and keystrokes and button presses are sent to the server. The server then tells each computer what to display. How it's rendered, for good or bad, is likely independent of who else is online.

    I think it's possible there are too many people signed in, slowing the server down for everyone. But that wouldn't cause visual glitches in one person's screen, would it?

    Regardless, I'm now censored because I failed to accept responsibility for my behavior and actions and blamed them (I did not, I blamed the interface). So it shouldn't come up again. I just wanted to be sure it wasn't on my end.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @thatguythere202 yeah, I think we all witnessed this mentality after the 2020 election. It doesn't matter what the facts are, or what experts say, once someone's made up their mind that's the truth of it and nothing will shake them. Seeing it with COVID and vaccines too. I could have 20 computer experts and the administrators of the site weigh in on this, and in the end it would still somehow be my computer causing the issues.

  • @majorwordster nice try wish it happened with everyone then i would doubt what i say..but it does not. there are a few it happens with ..most does not..a nd i would not have said a word but tired of seeing you doing what you are doing

  • @majorwordster looks like you are still appearing the innocent..more reason for site to look into it ..gees it still says I need 3 reputation points to post because I am too new

  • @majorwordster not because you failed to accept responsibility ,more I am tired of the bouncing around and as i told you, easier not play the way you put it here is amazing to me..thanks

  • I see what this thread's about now. I'll stay out of that but I'll share another observation. I guess this was alluded to. The thing where the play button turns green to indicate word validity when it's your turn has been a bit laggy and inconsistent last few days. I know this can be connection related as well, but it was happening even with good connection. I'd put a valid word down on my turn, and it would stay red. I'd then remove it, try again and this time it would be green. And on another note, I see they've removed the ability to downvote on here.

  • @dan-mitchell hit reload

  • @dan-mitchell I've observed the same thing. Sometimes the button lags before turning green, sometimes it never does even when the word is indisputable.

  • @dan-mitchell I never noticed that about the play button. So cool! Thanks for pointing it out.

  • @dan-mitchell and regardless of what someone may think, I am seriously curious about this issue, about whether we can somehow be impacting performance across the miles. If it is possible, the admins need to know about it, because that seems like bad design, as well as dangerous. If things on my computer are messing with lex, that means something other than the game is traveling to their servers and that's NOT reassuring to me as a user.

  • @dan-mitchell Oh ok, it's not just me seeing inconsistencies with the Play button!

  • @majorwordster I sincerely doubt it's possible, MW.

  • @mapmakere good. No word from the admins yet, so I'll take it as a highly unlikely occurrence and just keep on doing what I do in the background.