• If your typed word reaches the edge of the board, the backspace to delete/remove tiles no longer functions. Would love to see a fix for this as it breaks the efficiency of the method. Thanks.

  • @dan-mitchell Thank you for your feedback. We will discuss with our developer's team what can be done.

  • @sakamvari Thanks. The issue also occurs when your typed word runs into another letter or whole word that's in contact with the edge of the board.

  • @dan-mitchell @sakamavri

    Yes, if the backspace button could recall the tiles back to the rack, it would be awesome! Or even used like on the old version - if you mistyped a word and pressed enter - the backspace button allowed you to recall the tiles so you could retype. Now if you mistype and press enter, a invalid word box pops up that you have to click "ok" and then hit the "recall tiles" button on the board to get the tiles back to the rack. I think this takes way too long - especially in quick games like I enjoy playing.

    If back space can't recall tiles, maybe make the invalid word process less cumbersome. Just a quick pop up saying invalid word with a funny noise, but goes away quickly on it's own, and we the player don't have to click it AND ALSO click recall tiles button. It's too many steps.

    The site is getting so awesome and better than even before - thanks for everything!!

  • @scantron Hi Scan. I personally think the way it's working now is almost perfect apart from the glitches I mentioned which break the type/delete logic. So basically: type words using the keyboard, then recall those individual letters one by one using backspace if necessary (such as quickly correcting a typo without having to type the whole word again).

    The thing you mentioned about quickly recalling all tiles to the rack can actually be achieved by pressing the escape key at any time. Escape also clears those popup boxes (as does enter/return), so try a quick double tap on escape next time you get that annoying invalid word box. It will clear the box and the whole word very quickly.

  • @dan-mitchell thanks that's an excellent tip, will try that next time

  • @thatguythere202 Yw. The escape method is quick and easy for muscle memory.

  • @dan-mitchell omg... for reals?

  • @scantron Yes sir. Useful isn't it? I've often thought the admins should add some sort of comprehensive controls tutorial because as much as we think we know everything, there are still little things that some people are unaware of. There are actually a lot of people still dragging tiles because they're not even aware that you can click the board for a direction arrow, then type the word. Likewise for clicking on tiles to place them on the board and clicking them again to remove them. Took me years to find out that you could use space to shuffle the rack on the previous version.

  • @dan-mitchell We have discussed this with our development team, and they have fixed the issue, please try once from your side.

  • @sakamvari Thank you very much. I've just tested, and the first issue I mentioned has definitely been fixed. The second issue is still happening though. It occurs when your typed word runs into another letter or whole word that's in contact with the edge of the board. For example in the attached image, if I type a letter in the spot where the arrow is, I can't delete it as normal. I imagine this will be an easy fix. Please pass this on as well.



    type delete issue.png

  • @sakamvari Update: The first issue that was briefly fixed is now happening again.

  • Update: Both issues now appear to be resolved. Thank you to all concerned. I'll report back with any further issues.