Do not like new format. Give option to return to old one.

  • @middlechild7 Please click on NEW GAME, MATCH FRIENDS and then add your friend. After that you are given the option to choose the dictionary.

    @middlechild7 @zamenhoff
    Unfortunately it is not possible to continue in the old format. We understand that getting adjusted to a new format might be confusing at first. However, lots of players have been using it over the past year and definitely you will enjoy the improvements. Do share your concerns and we will have them resolved.

  • Why has a word been validated in the dictionary but refused on the board ? P'raps a return to the 'old' format would be the best thing all round. More research should have been done before submitting it to the unsuspecting players, and why do we need technology to play a word game ??

  • @lucemarie Are you sure all words being formed are valid? When you place tiles on the board the new format changes the colour of the PLAY button to red or green depending on whether the turn is acceptable.

  • @middlechild7
    I don’t like this new format and neither does my other players. Also the PRO features I bought don’t work anymore. I’ve written to help desk and no response. 🤨

  • @lucemarie ...I do apologise, I'd mispelt the word in the 'dictionary,' and it turned out to be the correct spelling of a different word...

  • @reneed1 Which PRO features do not work? What is your ticket number to which you have not received a response?

  • @reneed1
    My sister and I are also Pro, and while I did get a reply, it was not satisfactory. The gist (not a quote) was they can’t go back to old format and lots of people like it. It’s really a shame they messed up this game we have enjoyed for years.

  • You say it is not possible to continue in the old format, but 4 of my partners are still using it without a problem, so where is the problem with 'technology, ' and what is this 'technology' you talk about. The new board is clumsy to use, the only improvement to come out of it is that messages between partners are instant . No doubt we'll all get used to it but it doesn't mean we like it...perhaps we'll go and find other sites to play on.

  • @middlechild7 I was pretty unhappy with this new format too, at first (several months ago). But, having played under it pretty often recently, I have come to like it a lot. It offers almost all the features we were used to in the old Lexulous, though they aren't always in the same "place." And there are some things they did not use to have: for instance, you can see a much larger number of your past games than used to be possible.
    Here is the most relevant point: Going back to the old format is not possible, NOT because of any decision made by Lexulous itself. The old game was based on an old Internet technology (I think it was "Flash"?) that has now been phased out almost everywhere else. Most browsers no longer support it. So if they had not gone and rebuilt Lexulous from the ground up, there would be no Lexulous any more. Personally I am grateful they did, and I am quite impressed by the amount of work that went into what is, after all, a free game!
    (as always, "your mileage may vary")...

  • @thatguythere202
    The change just occurred for us about a week ago, and I was not aware of the technical issues. Yes it is free, and we ( my sister and I have been playing together for years) love the game so much that we pay for Pro. I am technically illiterate, and no clue what goes into creating a game, I am also about to turn 70, and not as adaptable as I once was. I just wish they could have kept the features we’ve grown accustomed to. Thanks for the heads up.

  • @thatguythere202 Guy, Im sorry I can only upvote that once.

  • @middlechild7 this new format is bad bad bad

  • @middlechild7 Hey! I'm about to turn 70 too, and I had no problem adapting to the new format. I didn't like it for about 5 minutes... and then got used to it. Don't malign 70-yr-olds even if you are one 🙂
    Oddly, tho - the old format seems to have re-appeared suddenly this evening.

  • @thatguythere202 On the new website under My Stats, you can keep scrolling down to see earlier games. Depending on enough requests we will add the option to view games by month/year. Not many people visited their past games.

    @middlechild7 @ayer0696 Please view as it contains all info about where the features are. We are sure you will enjoy it over a few days.

    @vickibma Glad you got everything sorted 🙂