• Namaste!

    We understand that any change is confusing at first. However, we did not really have a choice in creating a new format. The old format has to be phased out due to technology being out-dated. After all it was created in 2007/2008.

    The process over a year back and players are using the new format comfortably since quite a few months now. So please share your concerns and we will look into them.

    The new format has many additional features that make game play interesting and save time for players. For example:

    • Click on the game number to the right of the board to open the menu and change Colours, Numbered Board, Magic Tiles & other settings.
    • To the left of the tile rack there is a Shuffle icon, click once to shuffle. click again to arrange in A-Z order.
    • To the right of the rack you have SWAP and PASS icons.
    • The moment you place tiles on the board the play button changes to red or green depending on word validity.
    • After you place tiles, to the left of your tile rack you will get the Undo icon
    • There is a T icon towards the top right of the chat box, simply click on it to cycle through the different font sizes for the chat area.
    • Two letter word lists are more accessible to the right of the board (Dictionary tab)
    • Unseen tiles now shows percentage of vowels & consonants so you can play your turn better.
    • Last word shows at top left and clicking on it will open the move list making it more accessible during the game.
    • Head To Head stats are shifted to under the Tools section to the right of the board.
    • Clicking on a player will bring up the stats box for the player
    • You can click on the board for an arrow to show up and simply type out the words instead of dragging & dropping each letter.

  • @lexulous I love some of the new features, especially how the button changes for word validity - keeps it the same as the app. You guys have been working hard, great stuff!

  • @ange-wither Thank you so much for your valuable feedback. 🙂

  • @lexulous, AND, when the play button turns green, it also has a colored edge on the right, which, when clicked, shows the word-to-be-played "strength" as a percentage. IOW, 100% is the best possible play determined and less than a 100%, not so much.

  • How do you see previous moves, as you could in the old format?

  • @nina-bellak You can see the last word which shows at the top left and clicking on it will open the move list making it more accessible during the game

  • @lexulous Please bring back multi language welcome to the site! I used to enjoy trying to work out what language it was before clicking on it! Not sure why it was removed on last update? It has been there forever.
    Also, the "pop-up" when you hover over the shuffle button is massive and very distracting, especially when you shuffle a lot. Any chance of the option to switch off those pop ups? Or bring back the "press space bar to shuffle" option?

  • @shaggydogswerve We'll add that back soon. You can disable tooltips from the Settings.

  • @lexulous Thanks! Wish I had known about the tool tip switch before (or what it actually did) Now just need to make sure not to press pass instead of swap

  • I hated it when I first saw it but now I'm getting used to it I'm beginning to love all the new changes. One question - is there a "refresh" button hidden somewhere? I'm having to use the Chrome refresh option which means I have to log in again every time. Otherwise - great job, thanks!

  • @shaggydogswerve, i was caught once by the no confirmation "pass". I guess it was sloppy mousery on my part. (But i think it should have a confirm on it._)

  • @jrp32 The confirmation for pass works only in email mode. In LIVE mode having no confirmation is better for quick games.

  • @lexulous I'm not sure if this is related to the new format, but I'm no longer getting email notifications of moves my opponents have made. Could you please tell me how to fix this? Thanks!