Moving tiles -- look at mouse pointer, not tile

  • Windows 10, V2, Desktop, FF 90.0.2 and previous....

    People have been commenting about jumping tiles, tiles not sticking, etc.
    Perhaps some players are not aware that the tile goes to where the mouse points, not where the tile appears to be on the board, during "dragging" the tile from the rack to the board. Often (but not always) the tile lags the mouse pointer during the move, and releasing the mouse button can make the tile "jump" or go back to the rack. The property of the tile's not following the mouse precisely may be a function of many things (slow computer? not my case... -- mouse settings? maybe. Moving pointer too fast? don't think so.)
    Whatever, if one doesn't realize that the pointer is controlling, then the tiles may appear to move in unexpected ways.
    So I recommend watching the pointer, not the tile, while dragging.

    Am I the only one who sees this behavior?

    (I think in the Flash version I never experienced this kind of lag...the tile moved with the pointer.)

  • @laysan Appreciate your detailed note. Can you please try on Chrome and see if the same problem appears? It will help our team members who are already looking into this based on the complaints.

  • @lexulous Win 10/64 Home 21H1 19043.1110
    Display: (2560x1440, native, Eizo CS2730, GeForce RTX 2060, RGB, 8-bit)
    Mouse: logitech MX Master3
    Lex V2 Email version
    Game #23664523, UK (but issue not specific to this game)

    Chrome 92.0.4515.107 64-bit no extensions
    Tiles move just fine... closely follow mouse, etc. While dragging, some part of the tile is always covered by the mouse pointer. Generally the pointer is close to the center. But if I point to the edge of the tile, just a little on the tile, it also moves properly.

    So it seems to be something with Firefox.

    Firefox 90.0.2 64-bit
    Screenshot: mouse pointer was in center of square to the right of the M tile; button down and dragging the tile. Typical situation.
    Good luck trying to debug this!
    (It is not a deal-breaker for me...I love the game anyway!)


  • @lexulous note in my previous message that the screenshot is from a different game than the one I listed.... not a relevant issue, I believe.

  • @laysan That's a nice computing setup 🙂 We're fans of the MX Master 3 too. Our team should fix the FF issue soon. Your pointers have been helpful.