• Hi
    How do you get a player who challenged you to a game to complete the game
    they are in a losing position
    Me 440
    Them 354
    Waiting 24 hours for her to play
    I have 1 tile remaining to close the game`

    Regards K8[link text]

  • @k8annagran
    Have patience. Maybe they're still looking for an 86-point word.

  • @k8annagran
    I guess what you are really asking is for Lexulous to allow players who are in a completely won game to click a button and finish the game and have it recorded as a win.

    In a chess game you can be in the same fix. Your opponent may either keep on playing or resign. Oftentimes they play on for various reasons and you are expected to respect this. Perhaps they are simply enjoying the game or perhaps they are just stubborn. You are, however, expected to resign in a lost position - this is held to be good sportsmanship.

    Look at it this way. You are turning the screw a little more with every move you make. All they are doing is prolonging the agony of losing. You can either get cross and hot under the collar or enjoy the feeling of being in control of the game. And enjoy the winning feeling!

  • @mistertoad
    Never “hot under the collar” or angry
    This is a game
    I was “invited” to play with this unknown (to me) player
    I have only played games with a family member
    Unexpected lack of protocol is a mystery
    Just seeking game rules
    I’ll wait out the 14 days
    Thanks for your reply