• Apparently there has been a problem determining the cause of the score-strength indicator wipeout that is occurring again today, September 1. I don't know what the cause of this bug is, but I will point out, with the intention of being helpful (since I'm hoping this will be permanently fixed), that it did not occur earlier and so it may be surmised that it is the result of something that has changed or been changed in the recent past. Not many things have been changed, so the person or persons who has/have changed these few things may presumably be able to figure out what caused the problem.

    I again request that when it's fixed this time, "Move strength" be corrected to "Score strength".
    *NO* defense of "Move strength" has been presented, from which we may conclude that there isn't any defense to present – so please change it already, thanks.

  • Six hours later, still not fixed. The same thing has been handled before, so they know how to do it – it's apparently just that no one is minding the store. Here's Lexulous on Google Chrome:


    The game doesn't work at all, but the three Grammarly ads are just fine.