• Ciao is a common greeting in Italian. We present to you some interesting information about Italy.

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    Italian is considered one of the closest languages to Latin. This is because Latin was the official language of the Roman Empire until the 6th Century. Currently, around 63 million people in the world speak Italian as their first language, and approximately 3 million speak Italian as a second language.

    As the majority of Italian speakers reside in Italy, we will unfold some intriguing facts about the Italian language and Italy:

    Historically, the standard Italian alphabet has only 21 letters as J, K, W, X and Y aren’t used in Italian words.

    Italian is the official and co-official language of many countries other than Italy such as the Republic of San Marino, southern Switzerland, Vatican City, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, and the European Union. And it is recognized as a minority language in three other countries: Slovenia, Croatia, and Brazil.

    The oldest language academy in the world was established in 1583 called The Accademia Della Crusca, a Florence-based society of scholars, has two primary missions, i.e., to preserve and maintain the purity, and encourage the study and promotion of the Italian language.

    Italian has a great influence on the art of music. The terms of classical music terms like crescendo, soprano, alto, and tempo have Italian origin. It sums up why Italian is the official language of Classical Music.

    William Shakespeare, the world-famous English playwriter, had set up 13 of his 38 plays in Italy. For example, Romeo and Juliet is set in the city of Verona; Julius Caesar takes place in Rome; Othello and the Merchant of Venice are set in Venice; Much Ado About Nothing is based in the Sicilian city of Messina.

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    Italy has a Fountain that flows with free Red Wine 24/7, named the Fontana del Vino. It is in the Abruzzo region.

    Rome is famous for its Seven hills that make the place an adventure playground with climbable pinnacles and snowboarding.

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    Every two years in September, the locals gathered doing historic clothing and take their on the real-life chessboard to play human chess in Marostica, just like the Harry Potter.

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    Italian cuisine like any other cuisine throughout the globe has a distinctive characteristic that makes it so special. The most common characteristics of Italian food, that you will instantly notice once you’ve tasted it or seen it being prepared, are fresh ingredients, tradition, and simplicity. You must have known to the popular ones like Lasagna, Pizza, Gelato, Tiramisu, spaghetti, Ossobuco, Risotto, along with that you should try Bottarga, Fiorentina Steak, Ribollita, Polenta, Carbonara etc. And we hate to break it that Spaghetti with meatballs doesn’t exist in Italian cuisine and It is an American invention so please don’t expect that in authentic Italian fine dining.
    There are some funny things about the food culture, for example,
    It's bad luck to place bread upside down on the table.
    In Italy salad is commonly eaten after the main course unlike many other countries where salad acts as an appetizer, this is because the roughage in the salad is thought to aid digestion.

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    For a bit of extra insight and knowledge about your favorite food, it's worth checking out some great food festivals that are dedicated to specific foods, cheese finest wine, and other ingredients. Some of the popular ones are April's Artichoke Festival in Ladispoli; Bologna's annual Potato Festival in September; The Olive Festival, Frontoi Aperti, held in October/November season in Umbria; Tipicita, which is held in Fermo in March, and the Turin festival for people with sweet-tooth held in November.

    Hope you like it, if you know any other fascinating facts about Italy, let us all know!

    Source: https://www.languageinsight.com/

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