• @thatguythere202
    As you say, it seems to be an expansion of the "hello" concept which I personally find a little offputting. I don't want to learn languages which I will never use in life (nor in Scrabble!).

    So I didn't think that was worth making a complaint about. However, the travelogues' are a little different because they are intrusive as Roy has explained.

    And there is an obvious solution which would keep everyone happy i.e. open up a new CATEGORY. I've given some suggestions as to what it could be called in another thread. But how about calling it TRAVEL?

  • @roymccoy One could also point out that quite a few of your comments here and there are rude. I won't bother.

  • @mapmakere
    You nonetheless just did. You seem to have a knack for making superfluous comments.

  • @roymccoy Now that's funny!

  • @roymccoy point(s) taken. I guess I just don't mind it all that much, compared to some people, because [1.] most of my time on Lexulous is spent playing (and trying to get) rapid real-time games, not in Forums; [2.] as is the case with you, the international-language greetings never bothered me that much because they don't get in the way of #1; [3.] the random trivial information in the travelogue posts is easy for me to ignore, even though these days most of the posts showing in the "Latest Forum Posts" section seem to be either travelogues or reactions to them; and [4.] I don't really care that much about either the Forums or about Lex. staffers devoting time to them--since, for me, the game is working fine these days (compared to the many glitches we had in real-time games back in the early weeks of 2021). Clearly this (#4) is not the case with everyone, and people have real issues they would like to see being worked on. As for sakamvari and agentcarter, I have no solid information, but based on what we have been seeing, it may be that they are not really in any way involved in coding, or in dealing directly with the game issues. Could it be that they are what you might call "user experience concierges," and the travel stuff was thought of as a way to make this place more interesting for users? (I'm not saying it WORKED, mind you ... just that this seems to have been the intention.)

  • They've put some time and effort into it. If you can't appreciate it, then you can ignore it. It seems churlish and trivial to complain about it excessively.

    BTW, there's an even better fix for those who aren't interested.

    First, go here: https://forum.lexulous.com/category/3/creative-corner

    Then click the 'Watching' dropdown button and select either 'Not Watching' or 'Ignoring':


    The ignore option means those posts won't show up in unread or recent (that includes the notification icons and the lists).

    Hopefully that draws a line under the matter for those with an issue.

  • @dan-mitchell
    It took me about thirty seconds or less to take advantage of this highly helpful piece of info. Thanks!

    That they've put so much time and effort into all these encyclopedic articles, however – rather than paying due and needed attention to the game, the game being what this website is supposed to be about – was largely my point. And I couldn't ignore it, though I would have been happy to. Now, however, I can, and so can Mistertoad, and the rest of you can continue to enjoy expanding your cultural horizons.

  • @roymccoy Well, I asked for something to be fixed the other day and it was rectified within a couple days. So I think it's fair to say they do pay attention to other matters and seek to resolve them if you ask nicely.

  • @dan-mitchell

    If it's a matter of how well you kiss somebody's butt, to hell with it. They can leave their stupid transient arrow (etc.) if they want.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @dan-mitchell
    Thank you for your suggestion which will undoubtedly help members. However, I assume it means that I will no longer see any of the posts in 'Creative' at all? I've been posting there and receiving replies and would like to continue. Perhaps there's a filter to isolate the "Hello" posts using the 'Watching' option?

    My own solution was for Lexulous to add another CATEGORY called "TRAVEL' or whatever. I might pop in to have a look at the 'Hello' posts occasionally. I just don't see why there is a mix and why there are so many 'Hello' posts swamping a CATEGORY in which they do not belong.

  • This response is to the people who will recognize themselves.
    There is so much quibling and argument on this forum that it is unpleasant and unreadable.
    If someone poses an issue, YOU DON'T HAVE TO ARGUE WITH THEM!.
    Just stop.

  • @vickibma have you dared to look at other posts?

  • @sparks
    This was not aimed at you. The email function on this forum is awkward and I got lazy and hit reply on the last posting.
    Some folks on this forum feel the need to display their "superior" intellect by giving agressive and leeeennnngthy answers to simple requests or comments.
    Frankly, this makes the forum unreadable. Normal people will not spend a lot of time wading through this chest-bumping.
    Folks: Ask yourself whether your response is really intended to support the original poster, or whether it's actually an excercise in feeding your own ego.
    Chill out. Save the forum.
    @sparks is cool 🙂

  • @mistertoad

    Flip the switch to 'Ignoring' and see what happens. You'll still see all current and new posts, threads, topics, replies etc in 'Creative' if you go to:

    You won't see them under:

    Furthermore, you won't receive those red notifications.

    Have a look at this under your settings as well:


    As long as you leave those checkboxes as they are, you should start 'watching' topics you create and reply to (even if you're 'ignoring' the category i.e. the updates in unread and recent). That should include notifications, unread and recent.

    I'm not ignoring those travel/language posts so those who want to do that can play around with the suggestions I've given and see what works best for you.

  • @dan-mitchell
    Thanks Dan!

  • I'm with you, @vickibma. Some of the people in this forum are terrible bores, and I don't like them either!