• Two unrelated requests that probably have already been asked for:

    1. Please, can we have a formula in settings for minimum/maximum times we want to play? (Recently I forgot to look at an incoming match, and it turned out it was for a fast game, which I didn't want to play.)

    2. It seems like censoring only has an effect on lobby/chatting. I'm sure a lot of us want it to also block people from joining our games!

    Thank you.

  • @anexparrot Thank you for sharing this. We will pass your suggestion to the development team for consideration.

  • @anexparrot Regarding your first point, I was thinking of something similar.

    Say I post a 10/10 in the game list, most of the incoming requests will be to join my hosted game. Sometimes when I'm waiting however, someone will match me directly from the main players list with something I don't wish to play e.g. a 3/0, a 5/5 challenge game, different dictionary etc. I initially assume they're trying to join my hosted table, so I often mistakenly accept and start playing these ones before having time to delate the game. The incoming request boxes look identical (apart from the small parameters section which is easy to miss).

    Perhaps we could have a clearer visual distinction between the incoming request boxes. It could be left as it is when people try to join our own hosted games, but perhaps a colored banner or different shaped box etc could be used when people send you a personal request with their own parameters.

    The previous version handled this differently because I was never caught out when someone matched me directly.

    On your second point; I tried to join a game the other day and it told me I'd been censored/blocked by that person. I was unable to join, so it seems to be working as intended on my end. Are you going through the correct censor procedure?

    For clarity, I play live games via the website. Chrome, Windows.

  • @dan-mitchell

    Perhaps they have fixed censoring.

    I agree with you that a very different visual look for the dialog boxes for 'match' vs. 'join' would be very nice.

    Don't you wonder if some people match randomly with fast games in hopes of an easy win?

  • @dan-mitchell I don't think I've ever tried to join the game of someone who had me on Censor; but I have definitely had the other experience (several times I have gotten several moves into a game before I realized that I was playing on the other player's timer, not my own). In the current version, I do like the "slider bar" that allows you to set the ratings range of players with whom you prefer to match, which seems to work well. I do wish, however, we could set up something similar so that requests were blocked if they didn't meet the time parameters we had set (as in days of yore).

  • @anexparrot said in Time formula and censoring:

    Don't you wonder if some people match randomly with fast games in hopes of an easy win?

    Well, I've lost a few like that having been caught unawares, so (putting my cynical hat on) I'd say it's somewhat likely but not super common.

  • @anexparrot I have been accused of that myself, actually. But I don't consider it an "easy win," because to win consistently on a short clock you have to stay on your toes. I have LOST games like that to the clock as often as I have won them. It just happens to be the style of game I prefer.