• I'm blowing the morning trying to find the 134-point triple bingo that the score (not move) strength score thermometer tells me is possible with the game-starting rack ?DEEEGKR. Previously I would have been happy to start with the 68-point bingo GREEKED, but no more: I want the big one! While fooling around with this, I discovered that Greek is defined as "Common misspelling of Greek". While this is curious and amusing (though less so when one realizes that they presumably mean uncapitalized greek when it should be capitalized), more curious is that while the verbs GREEK and GREEKED are accepted, GREEKS isn't. How about that one. Now I can go back to looking for the acceptable 138-point letter combination.

  • @roymccoy kedgers would be accepted but does not use all your letters

  • @roymccoy I figured it out. Forgive my ignorance, but how did you use the tool to ascertain that there was indeed a valid 8 letter word for exactly 134 points?

  • @dan said in It's greeks to me:

    @roymccoy I figured it out.

    Congratulations. Thanks for not telling me what it is.

    Forgive my ignorance, but how did you use the tool to ascertain that there was indeed a valid 8 letter word for exactly 134 points?

    All is forgiven, lol. You make a word, any valid word, and the ST gives you its score. You hover, get the percentage, and divide the word score by the decimal value of this. Again, I made a macro to do this for me, I just have to enter the values and hit return.

    You're making me have to re-figure this out. It's, uh, percentage of x = score, divide both sides by percentage, therefore x = score/percentage. With GREEKED here, x = 68/.51 = 133.33..., closely approximating the actual score, 134.

  • @dan said in It's greeks to me:

    @roymccoy I figured it out. [...]

    You got the 8-letter bingo on ?DEEEGKR ?
    I'm still trying. I was thinking it would be easy:
    I'd just put the blank over by itself on the right
    and keep shuffling the other seven, and the word
    would just come up in my face minus the blank
    letter. But what do I get (aside from GREEKED
    and other measly 7-letter bingos)?


    REGEKTED, lol

    Is this a word I should know?

  • @roymccoy Kedgeree?

  • @mapmakere

    kedgers but not kedgered
    kredge? no
    kreedge? no

    You mean like play your kedgereedoo, Blue?

    Curses, you've given it to me! I should have written Dan privately, but on the other hand thanks, you've saved my morning and possibly a day or two as I probably saw KEDGERE ? or something like it and it didn't ring any bells and wouldn't have if I'd seen it again. I did try KEDGERED, having found that KEDGER and KEDGERS work.

    What the hell is a KEDGEREE? I bet the Dictionary won't tell me.... No, it does: "A dish consisting of flaked fish, boiled rice, and eggs." I should have been reading sakamvari's expositions of international culture, and maybe I would have known that. It's European and Indian, my Mac dictionary says. Well, I've been around Europe, in Nepal and in Indian restaurants, and I don't recall ever having seen this on a menu. Grump.

    The thing is, I'm starting two games with my regular opponent (we always play two at a time), and the score thermometer says I can get 8-letter bingo triples on both of them. This is such a unique occasion that I feel obsessively compulsed to do just this. But I won't be posting the other rack.

  • @roymccoy Ah, and I didn't know about Kedger or Kedgered. Tx.

  • @mapmakere
    I still don't, as it wasn't in the Lexulous Dictionary.
    But let's see...
    It's not in the Mac Dictionary either.
    Collins has it as an obsolete form of kedge,
    "A light anchor used for warping a vessel" but also
    a transitive and intransitive verb. It's unclear whether
    *kedger" was also used as a verb, but if it was then
    I suppose *kedgered" should be the past tense and
    accepted. But it isn't (accepted).

  • @itaintsam

    Right, it's in the list I posted afterwards.

  • @roymccoy I'm originally from the UK and I cook kedgeree most weeks. It's flaked, curried, smoked fish with rice, served with a hard boiled egg as garnish. I'm aware that most people will find that description somewhere on the scale of weird to disgusting. Originally Anglo Indian I think.

  • @minna
    It sounds fine to me, thanks.