Strength meter shows 100% for both 27pt and 43pt word

  • Noticed this a couple of days ago. The meter is indicating 100% for a lower scoring word (most recent example is in topic name) - but then I find another word that's better, and it also shows as 100%. Can this be fixed - or if the meter can't be relied upon, perhaps it should just be removed?

  • @blevie1 Please share a screenshot to

  • @sakamvari - I didn't save screen shots of that particular one, but this issue happened a couple more times today and I took screen shots from one of the other games. I will send them - thanks!

  • @blevie1 It does need some tweaking or more of an explanation. You should have a look at the older posts. There have been quite a few discussions about it: the inconsistencies, how it's actually supposed to function, usage tips, what it should be called etc. No response from admins so far despite many screenshots. Perhaps the developers could chime in.

  • @blevie1

    I'm looking forward to sakamvari's reply after he sees the screenshots (ha ha).

    In the meantime, however, you might simply accept that this happens and know that it's not just you. The meter is useful and shouldn't be removed simply because it isn't perfectly accurate. Post-game analysis is inaccurate in the same way (presumably using the same best words), but I don't think anyone would want to get rid of that for this reason.