• I don't know about the rest of you, but sometimes it takes a really long time for somebody to join my games. It was so bad recently that I asked a relative to sign up and see if she could see my game in the 'join' list. She couldn't! (And yes, she could see all the other games in the 'join' list.)

    Clearly some people can see my games because after a while people join, but what is going on?

  • @anexparrot I made a new username when my chat stopped working. Logging in quickly with each one gives me a completely different list of live games to join for each. Example: I log in with username 1 and there's a list of games. Switch to username 2 and there's a new list of different players hosting games. Switch back to username 1 and there's the same list from username 1 previously.

  • @dan Wow, that is even weirder! Makes you wonder how they divide game seeks and why they do it.

  • Thank you for pointing this out, we'll look into it.