Boo @sakamvari. Here is another case where you blow a question off with one of your standard boilerplate replies and don't answer it. @Morsoff, I suspect you can find that you're getting one version in a certain circumstance or circumstances, and the other in another circumstance or circumstances. When I click on the link in an email alert of a new move, for example, the game opens in the new version. This is because the email link is so formatted:[game number]/[...]

The v2 indicates Version 2. When I click on my browser bookmark, however,

I get the old version. If I change the bookmark to the corresponding v2 email page,

I'll always get the new version. What I'm going to do rather than change the bookmark, however, is create a new bookmark next to the old one and name both accordingly (e.g. "Lexulous 1" and "Lexulous 2"), so from now on I'll have immediate access to either version via the two bookmarks (though I already have macros for switching a game from one version to the other). Thanks for suggesting this by your question. If in your case it isn't a matter of email alert vs. bookmark, it's presumably something similar and similarly resolvable.