• cut from chat, i passed, but with the new "both passed" end-of-game on the count of 1, the game ended.... cut --
    "3691bffe-dc23-404e-94c5-f7adea847e03-image.png "

  • @jrp32 Nice of you to agree to that. Guess you both found out the hard way. I'll admit I've kinda gotten used to it now but still unsure about it. A related issue is getting stuck in a pass/swap loop. I needed to pass, then my opponent swapped 1 tile, I passed, they swapped 1 tile....This went on indefinitely for about 20 moves until they finally played a bingo. Pretty sure that pass and swap were considered the same kinda thing previously and game ended after 3 consecutive passes/swaps from each player (could be wrong about the swap part). Bringing that back should resolve both these issues.

  • @dan-mitchell I seem to recall differently... under Old Lex, I think swaps didn't count towards the "three consecutive pass" limit.

  • @thatguythere202 You're absolutely right regarding the swaps, apologies. I got a little confused because it seemed to drag on so long that it didn't feel right, but I guess that's how it should work. The regular pass issue still stands though. I'd be in favor of bringing back the previous (official) pass rules. Here's the other thread discussing that:


    BTW, I like the example posted here. Shows politeness from the asker, and courtesy and integrity from OP to agree to it. Would be a shame if we can no longer make fair play gestures like that.