• If into playing real scrabble games or even lex games on lex or scrabble anywhere on line, 3 times is the standard pass/swap then the game ends. Here it is now 1 pass per person and the game ends. Can we get 3 passes back? This is really not fair.

  • @betterlate1-0 Agree, took me by surprise. A rather abrupt way to end the game. They can ditch the default pass confirmation while they're at it. If I press pass, it means I need to pass. No need to ask if I'm sure each time.

  • @dan-mitchell that was my reaction.. oops

  • @dan-mitchell just realized you mentioned that..me too ..do not ask to be sure if i need to pass particularly when the timer is stlil going

  • @dan-mitchell But why the need for three passes? If both pass, why continue three times?

  • @pangloss It's just the way Scrabble rules and Lex have always worked. Game ends after six consecutive passes, three from each player. Makes things more tactical in tight, close games and gives you the option to wait and do something else. Seems ridiculous now when you think about it. One player passes, which is a perfectly acceptable 'move', then if the other player is winning, they can simply pass to claim the win. That's not fair.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @thatguythere202 Yes. Let's take one somewhat common scenario. You're losing somewhat heavily, but not out of the game. You're penned in by a cagey board blocker type player and nothing's on. However, you have a pretty decent rack with bingo options. I've often passed in these situations, waited for a small opening, then played a bingo to take the lead, or at least set myself up better. There are loads of other examples. Now, once this exploit is known (it already is, considering games I've suddenly lost mid-game recently), none of this is possible. The second player to pass may also wish to do a legit tactical pass instead of curtailing the game early, whether in their favor or not. Now makes more sense why they added the extra pass confirmation. It's become a double-edged sword and potential liability.

  • @dan-mitchell Dan, I realize that confirming a pass steals precious time in short games, but the real issue is that the Pass button is and always has been too close to the Swap button. Too easy to make a mistake!

    Just put more space between the Pass button and the Swap. Then the fancy
    confirm-pass window—which is a bit of overkill (sorry Lex designer!)—won't be so needed.

  • @lolamoth Hi Lola. Just to be clear, we're talking about a slightly different issue, specifically about how many passes before a game ends. I actually made another thread about the equally annoying pass confirmation issue you mentioned:


    And I agree with you about the pass and swap buttons. They could do with being further apart. I'm not a fan of the new tiny, greyed out and rather ambiguous icons either. I'd personally space them out more and put them in big colorful boxes labeled 'pass' and 'swap' (and 'shuffle' of course) like before.

  • @dan-mitchell sorry, I zeroed in on your mention of the extra pass confirmation and ran with that.

    I understand what you're getting at re: no more multiple passes allowed.

  • @lolamoth It's all good. The more we talk about all these issues the better. And you're right, I did mention the pass confirmation thing a couple times as well, apologies.

  • @dan-mitchell addendum and apology. If you click those posts you do go back to the forum.. if however you are concerned about time..it is time consuming

  • @betterlate1-0 Think you meant to type that in the 'forum comments' thread, but gotcha.

  • @dan-mitchell yeah knew not here but this is where I was dropped and did not know if could get to elsewhere lol

  • @dan-mitchell Yes, I agree, get rid of the confirmation button for passing, its a bit of a nuisance

  • @tigerbee I totally disagree. i hit it not "unoften" by accident and appreciate the chance to cancel that mistake.

  • @jrp32 Seems they've removed it now. I understand why some might prefer it. Simple solution is to add a 'pass confirmation' toggle under options/settings.