• "You got the highest score in x/y turns. Opp in 0/z turns."
    Message comes up at the end of a game, in the window that asks if you want to analyze the game.
    What exactly does the x/y turns means? If the statement is "5/10 turns" I assume I had a higher score than my opponent on 5 of my 10 plays in the game. But looking at the history doesn't necessarily show that. And it doesn't seem to mean that, when doing the analysis, I played the highest-scoring possible word on my turns....
    Also, the Opp ratio always seems to be 0/y turns.
    Am I missing something here???

    The analysis tool is great, and the AI predictions/results are pretty good, most of the time (especially if no blank tiles are involved).

    V2, Windows 10, Firefox, Pro.

  • @laysan It refers to your own highest score in relation to the 'move strength' thing (aka tooltip in options). Lay a valid word down, then hover over that little colored section to the right of the green play button. 100% means that's the highest scoring move/s available. I don't pay much attention to it apart from towards the end in a tight game when highest scoring move could be more critical.

  • @dan-mitchell Yes, this is what I have been assuming. On X out of Y turns, you played the "highest possible" scoring move that many times. I often get only a 1 or a 2, or even 0, on that, because I try to be strategic with my letter placement and the timer, and not just play for the highest number of points each move.

  • @Dan Mitchell, I want to know how long this has been there. 😀
    I had not seen it until you pointed it out......

  • @jrp32 Over the past several weeks people have been noticing little "tweaks" like this added to the New Lexulous... sometimes it takes a while to figure out how everything works in here. Dan Mitchell (whatever his player name is) has been one of the helpful ones! That score predictor (which Dan calls tooltip) feels like it appeared, I don't know, a couple of months ago?